30 Band equalizer


Controls the sample rate at which the equalizer processes audio. This figure is expressed as a factor relative to 44.1 kHz.

For example if you select 2x oversampling, the equalizer will process at (at least) 88.2 kHz.

Oversampling Filter

Controls the type of filter used to downsample the audio as it exits the oversampling process.

A value of [5, 7, 9] will select an IIR filter with the corresponding number of poles (more is better). These types of filters have low latency, and low CPU but introduce phase-shift into the signal.

A value of [FIR-low, FIR-Medium, FIR-High, FIR-Ultra] will select a FIR filter. These filters are very clean and high-quality but do introduce some latency. FIR-Ultra is the best quality.


Resonance or Q: Adjusts the bandwidth of the selected band. It determines how wide or narrow to boost or cut frequencies. Higher Q values affect a narrower range of frequencies and lower Q values affect a wider range of frequencies. The Q means ‘quality factor. ‘

Read more about the math behind Q

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Mousedown & mousemove up/down to set type


Mouseover will report range in Hz

Balance control

Input signal balance & volume control


Turn your output volume down – its not a compressor 😀

Visual view

Use my Spectrum Analyzer

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