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Someone once asked me:
Why do you love music so much?”

I replied:
Because it’s the only thing that stays when everything and everyone is gone.

I choose to remix so their vibes never mutes inside my mind.
I choose to remix because of my love to psytrance.
I choose to remix because of the spirit, the love and the compassion I can feel.   

High On You – Hookah 2006 (org. Wendelboe Remix)

(intern) The Putte and Puttes Pjat party … flotte bisser

Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode

One of the best songs ever. I made a promise to my younger self that one day I would be good enough to give something back to my number one problem solver. Years went by and I lost sight but I always keep my promises. Uniting the Past, the Present, and the Future redeemed me.

Reach out and touch faith – it worked for me

Technopiik – Pattesutter

Det er fucking sjovt fordi det er så sandt.
Pattesutter du er en stodder med stil. Derfor er din Technopiik nu Spench’ed UP til Lir. 😀 😀
Når Spench han er i huset ved din ben det ender galt… we brake for nobody

Dancing Galaxy (Original Mix) – Astral Projection

I don’t know how many times I have been listening to this masterpiece. In my younger years I once said; It’s like God himself is talking to you – and finally after more that 2 decades I had the skills to answer.  

Kabalah (New Age Mix) – Astral Projection

Soundform (Original Mix) – Astral Projection

Flying into a star (Original Mix) – Astral Projection

Mahadeva (Original Mix) – Astral Projection

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    Awesome stuff!!! Hellz yeah!!!

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